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1. - La Spezia Program for Italian Studies

2. - Welcome letter

Dear Student:

Welcome to the La Spezia Center for Cultural Research and University Studies. You have chosen one of the best schools in the U.S., receiving not only an excellent education but also taking advantage of extracurricular activities and enjoying the personal and academic exchange with congenial fellow students. Why should you leave that inspiring and comfortable American home campus for a semester or even a full academic year?

Let me tell you why. One of the leading companies in Italy, in one of the most exciting and vibrant places, a true cultural hotspot at the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe, is waiting for you in order to give you the opportunity of enriching your undergraduate career through the experience of studying abroad.

The Center for Cultural Research and University Studies is a once in a lifetime chance to fully immerse yourself in another culture , and to see life through an entirely different lens. Enter in one of the most famous worldwide company , the Riva, live with Italian hosts for the first month and then move in with other Italian students or young professionals. Just dive into a life that you would otherwise never have had the opportunity to experience.

No doubt, cultural transitions may also include stressful moments, but you are not alone, there is an extremely well-functioning support system you can always fall back on. The CCRUS directors, language coordinators, program assistant, and program tutors will guide you through the ups and downs of becoming a bi- or even multilingual undergrad with first-rate academic and professional opportunities. See you in La Spezia!

3. - Program Information

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4. - Finance

5. - Withdrawal and Refund Policy


barra orizzontale

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barra orizzontale


barra orizzontale

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