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1. - La Spezia Program for Italian Studies

2. - Welcome letter

3. - Program Information

   3.1 - Eligibility

   3.2 - Orientation

   3.3 - Academics

   3.4 - Housing

   3.5 - Internship

   3.6 - Calendar

   3.7 - CCRUS Staff

   3.8 - Host institution

   3.9 - Activities and Trips

   3.10 - Facilities

4. - Finance

- Fall or Spring Tuition and Fees

- Estimated Expenses

Fall or Spring Tuition and Fees

CCRUS member students pay tuition directly to the Center. Visiting students should consult with their home institutions to see whether their financial aid is transferable to the CCRUS program.

CCRUS member students

Home-school tuition rate

Visiting students

$ 6,000

Fees The list below is intended to summarize possible charges that could be incurred against a student's account. Certain charges depend upon specific circumstances, as noted.

Course fee*


Program Fee**


Withdrawal Fee***


* Estimated cost for additional courses, Fee varies each term depending on the exchange rate.
** One-time fee for Visiting Students only
**** Required of any student who withdraws from program once registered

Estimated Expenses

The estimated expenses below are NOT paid to the program. The figures below can be used to plan average room, meal and miscellaneous costs while in La Spezia. However, please remember that each person has individual spending habits and that you must decide for yourself how much to budget. Depending on your living arrangements and own spending habits, as well as the depreciating dollar, you may spend more or less than what is listed below. Also remember that travel within Italy and Europe can further increase costs.

During your first couple of months in La Spezia, you will probably spend more money than you budget due to start-up costs (i.e. apartment rent and security deposits, not knowing the most economical places to eat, etc.) so be prepared for this by making sure you have some extra money available.

Term Expenses

Roundtrip airfare NYC-Pisa


Health insurance*


* Estimated . All students are required to have health insurance while abroad.

Monthly Expenses









5. - Withdrawal and Refund Policy


barra orizzontale

| Internship | Application | Policy |

barra orizzontale


barra orizzontale

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